Brona Eyebrow Henna Full Kit

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Eyebrow Tint / Dye Powder 4g | 10 colours

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  • Tint your eyebrows using powder and water only – not irritating oxidisers.
  • 100% genuine and high quality.
  • Brona can simplify your morning routine and reduce your time for drawing eyebrows.
  • It will keep your eyebrows beautiful even without makeup. 
  • The stain will stay for about 1-2 weeks without any discolouration.
  • Simple to use, just mix the powder with water in 1:2 ratio.


  • 10 x 4g powder (black, light black, dark grey, light grey, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, auburn, burgundy, foxy)
  • 2 x glass cups
  • 2 x henna scoops
  • 1 x brush
  • 2 x henna applicator




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