Beauty Wave 2 Eyelash Perming Kit

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Lash Lift Kit with Keratin

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  • 100% genuine manufactured by HS Chemical 
  • Beauty Wave Eyelash Lamination is simple and safe treatment.
  • Smooths, lifts up eyelashes and helping to give a visible volume.
  • The Lamination effect lasts up to 4-5 weeks.
  • This kit comes in neat retail box with how to use instructions.
  • Beauty Wave kit for approx. 60 treatments includes:
    • Cream Wave 1 (15g) – Softens and makes eyelashes more flexible to adjust a curl.
    • Cream Wave 2 (15g) – Curl fixator, fastens perm result.
    • Strong fixer (8ml) – fixes eyelashes on the silicone lots. 
    • Natural Essence 15g – Nourish and strengthen eyelashes.
    • Keratin Vitamin 15g – Enrich eyelashes, making them thicker, stronger and healthier.
    • Uniquely shaped silicone lots – 5pairs ( XS, S, M, L, XL )
    • Strawberry Combi Brush 4ea – Helps to lift up eyelashes onto silicone lots.

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